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"In heaven all the interesting people are missing"
- Friedrich Nietzsche

Literary Theory






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This site was designed by Richard, who is not quite as interesting as he would like to be. Or, at least, that is what the author of these pages purports to be. The site is intended to reflect my main interests, such as literature (especially the nineteenth and twentieth century novel), popular music (late seventies and early eighties), and classical music (effectively the same time period as for literature). I even have a somewhat obscure and rather intimidating hobby in Inversion Therapy, and I've been a lead contributer to the blog.

At present this site is comprised of four sections. The pages devoted to literary criticism and theory While, the gallery has a selection of raytraced graphics and photographs. The tenets section contains a set of observations and notes, combining a journal and commonplace book and including reviews of art galleries, museums and books. As an extension of this, there is now a weblog. A more comprehensive set of links is also available.

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Dr Who

Dr Who

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